A labor and delivery nurse can provide some of the support a doula does and many are willing and happy to provide that support. However, in most hospital situations, nurses have more than one patient in their care during the same shift. They are not able to provide continual support even if they desire to do that. They are also in charge of documentation of birth progress and the administration of certain procedures. If you have a long birth, you could potentially have two or more nurses during your labor depending on shift changes. Your care giver will also come in and out and be there for delivery. However, they cannot be there for continual support. This can even be the case when a midwife is employed by a hospital.

How a Doula Contributes to Your Birth Support Team

A doula provides continual support regardless of how long your labor is. She will be there until your baby is born and make sure you receive continual support throughout the labor process.