Meet Amy

Amy Sellars doula treasured blessings photo

Labor Doula

I am a trained labor doula, having completed Labor Doula training through CAPPA.

My Story

I am a mom of three beautiful children and wife to an amazing man. I have always been fascinated with birth. From as young as I can remember, I wanted to be a mom. When the time came for the birth of my firstborn, I read many books, got as prepared as I thought I could and waited for the “big day”. When that day came, it looked very different from what imagined. My desire for a naturally progressing labor became only a dream when I found I needed to be medically induced for the health of both me and baby. I had incredible emotional support from my husband and my mother. However, their support was limited to what they knew and there were many decisions that I had to make during those hours in labor and postpartum that ended up having effects far beyond that time.

My second pregnancy went more smoothly, but I found myself again scheduled for another medically indicated induction. During that labor, my nurse brought in a doula-trained nurse to assist me. I can remember having a very hard time coping with the intense contractions when she walked in. However, her presence and calm words immediately calmed me down and helped me focus and cope through the rest of the birth. My life has been forever changed by that support she gave me. When I was pregnant with my third, I knew without a doubt that I wanted a doula with me the entire time. The birth of my third is a story of restoration and redemption. The support of my doula as well as my mom and husband made a complete birth team. I would be honored to be part of your complete birth team so you can also have a better birth experience!